Hello Lover…

I will never forget when Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the City walked up to the window at Manolo Blahnik’s in NY and ogled at the new line of fall shoes. She let out a huge sigh and whispered, “Hello lover.” I know exactly how she felt. Every time I catch a glimpse of the Falcon 2000, my heart skips a beat.

If you have read the press release below, then you are way ahead of the game. In my book “Risk”, the main character, Tana Lyre, is hired to fly this very plane. It occurred to me that perhaps some of you haven’t had the occasion to meet this beautiful bird, so I thought it might be a fine idea to post a few pics and give you the lowdown on the hoedown

The Falcon’s formal name is DA-2000-the “DA” represents the manufacturer Dassault Falcon Jet.(a French aerospace company known for its sleek military jets) The 2000 identifies the model number.(other models include the 50, 900 and the new 7X) This mid-size jet comfortably holds about 11 people and can fly roughly 3000 nm without refueling. Now for those of you who rather not do the conversion from nautical miles, to the miles we are used to driving in our cars, the plane can fly non-stop from LA to Boston. Speaking of pit-stops, it may interest you to know that the 2000 has a full-sized bathroom-not one of those pull-out potties in a drawer, but an actual stand-up lav with a sink, vanity and soft lighting.

As far as the other vital statistics, the 2000 weighs 36,500 pounds and can carry 1814 gallons of fuel.(12,155 lbs., for all the science-types.) I know what you are thinking-the next time I go to fill up my car, I am going to be delighted at how little fuel it burns and how cheap it is to only have to buy 20 gallons-versus 1814.(It’s all relative)

And for the “tekies”, the list of electronic equipment includes an airshow(for moving maps, weather reports and movies) and a CD/DVD player with surround sound, of course.

So you have a bathroom, movies and music. Let me see, what else is left…oh yes, food. Did I say that this plane has something for everyone? The interior of the 2000 was designed with two small ovens, a microwave and a wet-bar, so if you want a hot meal or a cocktail, you won’t be disappointed. Don’t worry though, if you are addicted to peanuts or pretzels the airplane’s commissary is stocked with all the top requested snacks.(again, something for everyone)

Well, that’s the long and short of it. If you are interested in more about the 2000 or have any questions, please leave me a comment.(Dassault’s link iswww.dassaultfalcon.com) As you already know, I love talking about the Falcon.

Keep your nose low in the turns.

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