A vegan, a diabetic and a Mormon with a gluten intolerance are coming to dinner. What do you serve? (By the way, you’ve hired an Irish caterer)


Sparkling water with a twist (Go ahead, get crazy, add the lighted ice cubes–they have no glycemic index).


Hummus and veggies


Stuffed butternut squash with canellini beans and thyme


Sugar free ice cream with fruit on the side


*note to self:  First and foremost, commandeer the caterer’s stash of Irish Whiskey (The distilled flavoring seems to find its way into every recipe).


*practical advice for mainstream eaters: The host won’t be insulted if you stop on the way home for a snack and a nightcap.



E.L. Chappel author of Risk

Culinary Consultant

aka The Glamorous Wife

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