Sometimes we just need a slap.


I’ve been struggling with a dilemma. Now this isn’t the first time the current circumstance reared it’s ugly mug, as a matter of fact, I’m embarrassed to say, this same issue continues to confront me over and over again. (Slow learner, I guess.)


As I walked up the driveway, I’d just about convinced myself to take the see and avoid approach to the conundrum and brush the hoo-ha under the rug. Seconds later, I heard the call. The sign. The burning bush. An event to insight action.


A tiny pop, followed by a slow hiss like a soda top sounded as a bunch of miniature heads poked up from the lawn. The pent up pressure gurgled and coughed, choked and gargled as it snaked its way through the underground lines. A small, but determined geyser of water sputtered, sprayed and then sputtered again. Old faithful sucked in a huge, raspy breath and spit a thin stream straight up in the air. One shot, a thick column, six feet in the air. Just as fast as she fired, the gusher sucked back and trickled over the unidirectional spout. Not quite sure what to expect next, I cautiously stepped in and levered over the sprinkler head. Nothing. The mini lawn watering well idled. I squatted and angled closer until my eye ball hovered inches from the potential super soaker.  


Pop, hiss, slap. 


I feel back on my heels. The water lapped across my face. Old faithful fired again and whacked me square in the forehead.


 Brat, tat, tat, tat. 


The unidirectional head spun around and fired methodically like a Tommy machine gun. Three seconds of unabashed spray, soaked my entire head.


As the streams of water cascaded down my cheeks, I had an epiphany. The universe spoke and I felt the cold, wet, sobering truth. Wake up and face the situation head on you boneless, skinless, cage free, organic chicken. Dripping wet, I busted into a belly laugh.


Sometimes we just need a slap.


*Not to self: The universe works in mysterious ways.


*Fact for the skeptics: It was Chicago mid-September. What are the odds of the sprinkler firing without me turning the water on?


*Wise women say: Silence is deadly. You can never get what you want unless you speak your truth.


E.L. Chappel author of Risk

Mustering up some gumption

aka The Glamorous Wife

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  1. Amine on August 21, 2012 at 2:36 pm

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