I was standing next to the Wheel of Fortune slots when my friend walked up with a hunky man in tow. (think Russell Crowe in “Gladiator”) 


“Hey,” she said and hugged me. Her sidekick waited patiently. 


After a few minutes of ‘how are yous’ and travel reports she turned and introduced the man next to her. This is Marcus, my casino host.”


So that’s what they’re calling it now. 


Her husband hurried over and joined us. He smiled and slugged Marcus’ shoulder.”if you need anything, this guy can get it done.”


*Note to self: Don’t be a skeptic. Bite into a time release capsule, call the casino host. Need Garth brooks tickets, Marcus has it covered. Firing automatic weapons, best place to get a spray tan, breakfast and two-sided tape. Yep, you got it, C.H. to the rescue.


*Slang for straight men:  Man-Crush. A “mush”. My friend’s husband was mushing on the casino host.


E.L. Chappel author of Risk

Considering the advantages to employing a casino host

aka The Glamorous Wife

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