The Holiday Spirit

Earlier this week, I went to my magician/hair stylist (magician because she continues to masterfully cover the infantry of gray strands growing from my over-forty-year-old head) and heard an incredible story. Starts off bad, gets a little worse, and then ends famously.


One of the women who works at the salon had her car stolen just outside the rear entry. (Bad) She left her car unlocked and keys in the cup holder. (Worse-but at least they weren’t in the ignition.)


A day or so later, security finds the salon worker’s vehicle in the parking structure at Hillcrest Hospital. (Better) 


When she went to inspect her car she was shocked to find only one item missing. Not the new pair pants on the back seat or the lightweight fleece slung over the headrest. The garage door opener to her home still hung from the visor. No, the only stolen item was her rosary dangling from the rear view mirror.


The officer at scene suspected the thief was homeless and needed medical attention in a hurry. And the rosary? Who doesn’t need a little extra luck when checking into a hospital. (Famous)


As as bonus the Tulsa Police continue to find other stolen vehicles in the hospital parking structure. (A hackler)


Hold on to your personal items. Holiday madness has officially begun.

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