Star Light, Star Bright

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Tonight: If you have binoculars check out the “earthshine” the darkened, shadowy side of the crescent moon. The hazy glow is actually caused by light reflected from the earth. (Good to know our bright city lights are enhancing instead of just blocking the sky show.) Drag your magnified line-of-sight to the right tip of the crescent and then tilt your chin up slightly to see “Pleiades” the seven sisters cluster. From Plelades, slant down at a 30 degree angle to the left until you see a cluster of three familiar stars, the outline of Orion’s belt. If you’re still feeling the urge to star search, the next brightest light to the left will be Sirius. (About a 20 degree angle from the furthest left star on Orion’s waistline–and no, I’m fairly certain you won’t be able to hear any music:)

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