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Caught in the eye of a storm. A crowded business event. With my pants down. (Not literally.) Droves of people swirl around me. I’m met by a warm smile. I recognize the face, but still sputter, hesitate, and before I know what happened, I blurt out a name. The wrong name. How humiliating. Especially since I take such pride in being a good listener. Pay close attention to details. Despite my best efforts, I utter a verbal belly flop. Again.

*Note to self:  Quickly say “forgive me.” Yes, please forgive my saturated brain for blowing an information gasket.

*Follow-up note to self: Send an apologetic email the next day. Instead of a bunch of lame excuses, just write the truth. (i.e. My mouth sometimes speaks without giving my brain a chance to spellcheck. I’m so very sorry.)

*Comfort words: Mistakes keep us humble, evolving and aware. Human.

*Advice from the Name Whisperer: Never be afraid to just say I’ve forgotten.

 E.L. Chappel author of Risk/Spirit Dance


aka The Glamorous (Knucklehead) Wife

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