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“Deception Point”

Dan Brown

Genre: Fiction-Scientific Thriller

*Written in between Angels & Demons and the Da Vinci Code

Content: Plot centers around questionable politicians, the space program and  controversial question about life on other planets. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the intrigue of a rogue special forces unit.

Point of view: Third person, past

Age: Adult (18 and up)

Pages: 637 pages

Favorite parts: Unrelenting chase scene on a massive glacier on the verge of plummeting into the ocean.

Notable point: Although packed with scientific and high-tech concepts, Brown does a great job drawing common parallels that are easily understood by both experts and laymen.


Summary: Not what I expected. At all. No reference to religion, ancient cultures or even the slightest inclination to visit any kind of museum. Art or otherwise. Similarly, however, is the fast-paced, accurately researched style I’ve grown to crave in Dan Brown novels. Loaded with plot twists, unexpected turns, lies, cheats and murders, Deception Point has all the ingredients required to cook up a great thriller. The mystique of the Illuminati may have caught the main stream media’s eye in the Da Vinci series, but the angst in this thriller is guaranteed to make you question things you know and get your pulse pumping.


Gracious thanks to Alan Litchfield who willingly works amongst the craziness to keep the rest of us safe and sound. As he always says, real life is the making of edgy fiction.

I appreciate the reading recommendation.



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