Not So Hard to Say I’m Sorry


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Call me crazy, but lately it seems not so hard to utter the five letter word. Here are some of the apologies I’ve heard in the past couple of weeks. Some thoughtful, others, however, not quite so genuine.

Forgive me– My personal favorite. (as you know)

Ex-cu-se me for living– One frequently and gregariously used by my younger brother.

Oh no you go first- A gracious peace offering after a harried ram in the grocery check out line.

Here, have a butterscotch– Commonly used by my senior citizen friends.

Sorry, I’m so busy (after showing up somewhere more than fifteen minutes after a scheduled meet time) Interprets as I’m late, know it, and don’t hold me accountable.

Sor-rr-ry– I feel guilty, not necessarily apologetic.

I’ll apologize to you, if you apologize to me– Need I say anything else?

We both are kind of wrong– A favorite of my male friends.(including my husband)

Hate that you are uncomfortable– Translates into but I’m not going to do anything about it.

Wasn’t me– No, not a chance. I won’t say the “s” word ever.

I just don’t know what happened– The bait-and-switch. An apology trying to pass the buck.

Whoopsie– Most likely an accident.

Flowers and a note- Avoidance tactic. Prefer not to grovel in person.

Card– Need third party intervention.

Horn honk– A gentle reminder.

The finger– Passive aggressive apology; not bona fide at all.

Ahy (usually yelled in New York)- Sorry, but get out of my way.

I’m sorry but… ( followed by a litany of excuses often referred to as the kitchen sink)- I’m willing to try what ever it takes to get out of the dog house.


Finally, the highly coveted, very allusive, sincere apology- When conduct backs up the words. Someone apologizes and does their best to never repeat that action again.


E.L. Chappel author of Risk/Spirit Dance

Funny how much you can show with so few words.

aka The Glamorous Wife

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