The Twelve Days of Christmas-Under Construction

Generators-blog-200x150 One the twelfth day of Christmas the UPS man returned to me, one stolen generator…pic compliments of Google
Auctioneer-pic-Blog-200x150 Eleven hundred or the best offer
Pawn-Shop-pic-blog-200x150 Ten eager sellers
Nine local pawn shops
Self-Defense-moves-blog-200x150 Eight self-defense moves
target-picture-blog-200x150 Seven sessions of target practice
Alarm-pic-blog-200x150 A six digit passcode
spot-light-pic-blog-200x150 FIVE motion spotlights
Electrical-Wire-Pic-blog-200x150 Four wiring technicians
pic-of-multilock-blog-200x150   Three multi-lock keys
Mug-shots-books-pic-blog-184x150   Two books of mug shots
Frist-Day-of-Christmas-photo-blog-200x150   And a half-opened overhead door.

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