Quote of the week–Embracing The Stink

Friday, nearly the crack of dawn, I’m midway down the drive, my city toter in hand,  when unexpectedly I hear an echo. An upbeat dance track.  My head snaps around to find the source. Out of nowhere, a sleek black truck barreled from the darkness. As it approached, I could see that this rig was not my typical garbage pick up. A painted bald eagle, with the American flag clenched in its claws, spanned the entire length of the disposal’s steel sides. The driver locked up the brakes, in order to observe the neighborhoods “Corgi crossing” sign, and then after checking both ways resumed his scheduled track. Pulled to the curb, and as if starring a choreographed Bruno Mars video, the crew hopped off, scattered to either side of the street each retrieving a resident’s can. Faster than I can say rear loader, they sprinted to the vehicle, emptying the contents into the community waste can.  When the toters were all returned to each respective address, the driver whistled and the team turned on heel and leapt on back. Before he had a chance to shift into gear, however, I hustled to the side walk, arms waving in order to catch his attention. “Ma’am?” he said through the opened window on the passenger side. All I had to do was shake my head with bewilderment and I suspected he knew what I was about to ask.  He smiled with a sense of pride. Raised his pronounced chin and then answered my telepathic question. “Some might think being a garbage man is a crappy job. But the decisions I’ve made put me in this position. Funny,” his face lit in time with the sun’s first light. “I have a sneaking suspicion this is exactly where I’m suppose to be at this moment. Perpetual forward motion. One step closer to my ultimate path.” Jamming, he bobbed his head, rocking with the calypso beat.  “Stinky,” he said. “Maybe a little. But crappy…no way.”

E.L. Chappel author of Risk/Spirit Dance/Storm Chasers

Forever finding inspiration in the most unexpected places

aka The Glamorous Wife

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