Dear Amelia Earhart

August 1986

Dear Ms. Earhart,

I went and saw a movie called Top Gun with some friends. (I think they were called motion pictures in your day.) The story was about a Navy fighter pilot who has to overcome great obstacles in order to be a best-of-the-best pilot. Maverick—the main character—wasn’t like the group. (Kind of like Dr. VP.) In fact, as a result of family history, he was somewhat of a black sheep and didn’t fit in with the elite naval aviators. Still, he was an awesome pilot. (Maybe it’s okay not to be exactly like everyone else?) I was on the edge of my seat, for the entire film. I had goosebumps again, and my inners fluttered like a butterfly’s wings. (Another sign?) The movie depicted flying as an extraordinary adventure, hard and scary at times, but still incredible. I leave for fall semester next week and I’ve never been so excited about anything in my life so far. (Okay, going to prom was a pretty big deal, but not even close if I weigh one against the other.) Oh, and guess what? Two boys on my high school’s gymnastic team were in the theater too. What a coincidence right? We didn’t plan to meet, but since they’re off to Westpoint and the Merchant Marine Academy, I shouldn’t have been surprised. We are taking different paths, but all pursuing the dream of becoming pilots. Even though we will be thousands of miles from each other, I’m glad I’ll have two long distance friends to swap stories with. (I’ve known them for four years and they’re really good gymnasts.) My days at home are numbered, and after seeing this movie, well, I’m more excited than nervous. (No more puking, please, God, please.)

Take care up there.


A soon to be Fly Girl



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