The Will Behind The Wants


In my young adult story Spirit Dance the main character, Tana Lyre, knows exactly what she wants. So much so that she has allowed everything else in her life to fall away. She chooses a path to achieve her goal; she picks vengeance. Tana has a good reason for wanting to punish the person who has caused her great pain and injured her heart. The question is, will this act give her what she desires and heal her discomfort?

A couple a weeks ago I wrote a post about the benefits of saying what you want to others. I’d barely finished the blog, when I started thinking about the important, often skipped, step that comes before we’re able to speak our truths; the illusive process of figuring out what we actually want. In my experience the quickest way to decide what to ask for, is to understand what’s in our hearts and behind our ambitions.

When figuring out what you want, do you look at other people for inspiration and think, “I want what they have?” Or have you experienced something so profound that it instantly became your life’s ambition? Is what you want a means to an end? Does it bring notoriety? Cultivate happiness and joy? Perhaps what you desire comes from family upbringing? Social programming? Are your ambitions meant to alleviate pain? Anxiety? Or offer comfort?

What I’m getting at is when you think, I want…do you ever stop and ask yourself why? During my earth minutes, I’ve discovered that before I can clearly communicate my wants to others, I need to be sure to take time and sort out what is driving my desires.

As far as Tana, well I’m afraid you’ll have to read the story to see how her journey ended. But for the rest of us, remember, the choice is ours and if we do our internal due diligence, we are more likely to be satisfied when the universe grants all the gifts and pleasures we ask for.

E.L. Chappel author of Spirit Dance/Storm Makers/Coming Soon: The Surge

Understanding opens our hearts to receive the infinite peace and joy that surrounds us.

aka The Glamorous Wife

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