Notes To My Younger Self:

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Just for this moment try to see possibilities instead of barriers.

Just for this moment try to let go of past hurts, understanding that the person who hurt you may have been struggling themselves.

Just for the moment allow healing to begin.

Just for this moment consider that your weaknesses— things you criticize most about yourself—are what makes you unique.

Just for this moment realize that our brains were designed to judge only to assess threats against our survival. Understand that it is possible to protect yourself without taking inventory on others.

Just for this moment stop, look around and find the beauty all around you. It’s there, everywhere, but you have to slow down and look.

Just for this moment resist the urge to compare and enjoy the thrill of knowing your journey has been custom made for you and no one else.

Just for this moment see all sides of situations. Become aware and take responsibility for your part in every interaction.

Just for this moment consider that you will have more success if you accept people how they are instead of trying to change them, guilt them, manipulate them into who you think they should be.

Just for this moment allow the child inside of you to teach you how to have fun again.

Just for this moment ask for what you want then be grateful for what you have.

Just for this moment give yourself permission to make mistakes. Quiet the voice inside who is afraid of being embarrassed.

Just for this moment release any desire to please or impress others. Know that this behavior is an invisible prison that stifles your incredibly creative spirit.

Just for this moment find enjoyment in everything—everything—you do.

Just for this moment trust that there are just as many miracles in the world as catastrophes. You get to pick which you focus on.

Just for this moment have faith that the path you’re on is leading somewhere.

Just for this moment know the mindset you have in any moment will be how you experience everyday going forward.


E.L.Chappel author of Spirit Dance/Storm Makers/Coming very soon: The Surge

Inspired by the teachings of Naranon and Dr. Robert Kaufman

aka The Glamorous Wife


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