Notes To My Younger Self:

You will feel anxious. It’s familiar, so it’s easy for your mind to go there, but how you handle anxious thoughts will impact the peace and quality of your life. The key to thwarting anxious thoughts is to stop them before they start spooling up. The first step is identifying the fear by asking “what am I actually afraid of?” Then, play it out. If your fear were to come true, what would you do? Figure out ways you could handle the result. If this happens, I’ll do this. If that happens, I’ll do that.  When you have a solid list of options you like, picture yourself handling your fear with one of the options you’ve come up with. Once you can see the movie in your head, see yourself managing what you’re afraid of, think about ways you can enjoy, even have fun, handling your fears.

E.L. Chappel author of Spirit Dance/Storm Makers/Coming very soon: The Surge

You have the power and skills to create whatever you want in every circumstance.

What do you want to create with your anxiety?

How can you enjoy getting past fears?

aka The Glamorous Wife

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