Notes To My Younger Self:

This year, know and accept the past, in order to understand who you are today and the forces that have brought you here. Own that your behavior wasn’t always the best because you were reacting to the events around you instead of creating and planning them, and that’s okay; you weren’t aware. Don’t waste a minute chastising yourself since you did what you thought was best in the circumstances you encountered. You have both good qualities and shortcomings. Take time to discover, really discover, your strengths and the characteristics you need to work on. Accept what you find without judgement so you can be free to make the necessary changes to be peaceful and proud of who you are; not who people expect you to be. Find whatever tools you need and all available resources to shape yourself into the best and happiest you can be. Be sure that you are doing this work for yourself, not anyone else.

E.L. Chappel author of Spirit Dance/Storm Makers/Coming very soon: The Surge

Don’t forget to appreciate how wonderful life is despite hard times.~All in Our Affairs

Go step by step. One day at a time.

aka The Glamorous Wife

*This post was inspired by readings in Naranon SESH blue book

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