Notes To My Younger Self:


Notes To My Younger Self.

Acts of service:

Enlisting in the military.


Lending a hand.

Smiling at others.

Exercising patience while driving.

Picking up litter.

Being in charge.

Lowering your voice as someone else’s escalates.

Resisting judgement.

Asking questions instead of making assumptions.

Researching what you are told is fact. (Or what you believe to be true.)

Offering a hand up. 

Carrying groceries for someone older than you.

Letting someone in front of you in line.

Reading stories.

Listening. Really listening.

Mission trips.

Resting when you’re tired.

Moving your body. (All of it.)

Giving your time.

Taking care of your piece of the planet.

Being mindful of how your actions affect others.

Owning your feelings/words/actions.

Show gratitude for all things; easy and difficult.

Noticing the abundance.

Appreciating the gift of each moment.

Focusing on what you have. 

Saying thank you. Often. With sincerity and humility.


E.L. Chappel author Spirit Dance/Storm Makers/Coming very soon: The Surge

Regardless of what’s going on, be/do/speak your best; Arguably, the most important service you can do.

aka: The Glamorous Wife

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