Notes To My Younger Self:

You will struggle to apologize to people who have been shit birds to you. (Particularly if they’re repeat offenders.) Here’s the thing: Their stinky behavior doesn’t cancel out your missteps and if you’re goal is to be a mature, clear communicator, you can’t justify your mistakes by measuring them against other’s mess-ups. Your mistake is yours and you need to step up and take ownership regardless of how others behave. It’s a personal growth thing, humbling, part of being a mature adult. 

E.L. Chappel author of Spirit Dance/Storm Makers/Coming very soon: The Surge

BTW—Sorrrrrrry, said sarcastically doesn’t count.

I’m sorry followed by a “but you” doesn’t count.

I’m sorry chased by a long list of excuses, doesn’t count.

“I’m sorry for…(fill in the misstep)” said with genuine, kind tone is the way to go!

Although difficult, be assured, the act owning your stuff will be followed with a flood of pride, confidence and unshakeable peace—go on, give it a try; it’s so worth it.

aka A woman with a purpose


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