Notes To My Younger Self:

Definitions of Serious: (Marriam Webster)

-having important or dangerous possible consequences

-not easily answered or solved

-excessive or impressive in quality, quantity, extent, or degree

-not joking or trifling; being in earnest

-requiring much thought or work

-thoughtful or subdued in appearance or manner

Lighthearted: (

-Not being burdened by trouble, worry or care; happy and carefree.

-moments of humor and fun. (Urban Dictionary)

-cheerfully optimistic and hopeful (Marriam Webster)

Laughter: (Marriam Webster)

-to show emotion with a chuckle or explosive sound.

E.L.Chappel author Spirit Dance/Storm Makers/Coming very soon: The Surge

Before reacting, ask yourself which approach best suits the circumstance. 

aka: A woman with a purpose


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