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Main Character

Tana Lyre, daughter of two esteemed diplomats, had everything. An international zip code, access to celebrity, and opportunities that most fifteen-year-olds can only watch on reality TV. But a violent attack changed her forever. Suffering from PTSD, she is forced to return stateside to the small town where she was born. Tana is alone in a new school, without a single friend. Until she meets Trigger Flough. The son of a world class fighter pilot, challenges Tana to confront the horrors of the past while helping her find the man who murdered her father.

•••{ Trigger Flough } •••

Main Character

Trigger Flough, the son of a legendary fighter pilot has a lot to live up to. Not only has his dad logged more enemy kills than any other pilot in history, his surgical-like strikes spared thousands of civilian lives, making him the most decorated hero from the first Gulf War and a national celebrity. Trigger, having grown up on military bases all over the globe, has become the youngest pilot to receive a flying license. He is loyal, confident, competitive and lives by the sworn code of do the right thing and live honorably, respecting the greater good above all else. Nicknamed the Sky Surfer by his fellow flight team members, Trigger’s sun god looks and surfer smile has turned every girl’s head at National High School—including Tana’s. But her lack of stability and her volatile temper has kept their complicated relationship in best friend status. 

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Since 1987 I’ve been a pilot in many different capacities. I’ve been a flight-instructing, organ-transporting, commuter-flying, on-demand, corporate, demo and jet pilot. It’s been an extraordinary adventure!  It’s also a career that I expected to span my entire adult life.

Motoring along on autopilot, I intently focused on what I considered “the track.” Right seat, left seat then move on to a bigger jet. What else is there, right? Oh yes, my left-brain had it all figured out.

Midway through the tirelessly researched and carefully calculated career action plan, I encountered a patch of turbulence that wasn’t forecasted. It was the kind of heavy, hunker down on your five-point harness kind of rough air. Marriage, stepchildren and an unscheduled relocation to Tulsa, OK that caused my usual steady stick hand to waver a bit.

I used to blame the move to Tulsa for derailing my perfectly charted path, but the truth is, 24-hour call wasn’t the only reason I laid awake most nights. I love stories. An inherent passion that I suspect flows from my Celtic roots. Because of that passion I’ve always kept a journal.

I would write in my journal in pilot’s lounges, on the floors of ladies’ rooms, hotel lobbies, dive diners, even while on the ramp waiting for passengers to arrive. I’d write about the amazing places I visited, curious people I encountered and the triumphs and terrors that came with flying corporate jets. Even though I cursed the Okies for quite a stretch of time, I know now that the transition to the Sooner state was the only way to shatter a serious case of tunnel vision. Enter the epiphany, the realization that it’s okay to be spontaneous, change course, willingly succumb to what overwhelmed my senses and tugged on my heart. So I became an author. Spirit Dance is the first novel in my young adult “In the Eye of the Storm” series. Take a seat, buckle up, thank you for joining as I explore phase two of my life.

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I love to share my stories and am often asked to speak about my experience in aviation and writing. I’m a supporter of the STEM movement and enjoy speaking to student audiences. Additionally, as a woman in a male-dominated industry (especially in the 1980s) I have a lesson or two I can share for overcoming challenges in the workplace. Please visit my speaking page to view video samples of my speaking style and topics that I speak about around the country.

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