Notes To My Younger Self

Notes To My Younger Self: 

“My past errors in judgement do not define me. They are part of my learning process. 

My guilt and shame can only hold me back if I allow them.

These feelings can’t control or haunt me as long as I use the honesty tool of recovery. 

I now have the courage to look at my weaknesses, talk about them, and strengthen them.

My energy is begin restored.

My character defects are evolving into personality assets. 

A healthy outlook is now as much part of me as the painful past.

I’m learning how to balance my life with a new vision.

Life is a tapestry of many threads.

They complete a life portrait that is all me.

I recognize my gifts.

I’m okay!

Heavenly Father did a good job.

I am my own masterpiece.

I feel whole again—almost. It’s a process.”~Naranon SESH Book

E.L. Chappel author of Spirit Dance/Storm Makers/Coming very soon: The Surge

Personal power stems from healing the parts you least like about yourself. The parts you hide, deflect onto others; parts that are afraid, doubtful, angry, entitled, envious, defensive, wounded, traumatized, unwell, untrusting; parts that feel unworthy and are fearful of scarcity and lack. Then—and I believe only then—are you able to extend unconditional love and grace to yourself and others without expectations or negative judgement.

aka A woman discovering her highest purpose and her highest timeline


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