Are you will to take a chance?

About a month or so ago, the shrill of the tornado sirens reeled me out of bed to check the local news and see if this severe thunderstorm was worthy of a journey into the basement.(My house was built in 1914, long before the notion of wine cellar/twister pits)

The meteorologists relayed real-time weather reports from their storm chasers in the field. According to the experts, the sirens rang to warn of the 82 mph peak winds. No tornadoes, just wind-I was relieved.

While I was sprawled out on the couch delighted not to have to camp out on the basement floor, it occurred to me that perhaps the sirens had summoned for another reason.(one I had done quite an exceptional job avoiding up until now) The concept of social networking, more specifically, a blog. Luckily for me I am surrounded by so many willing mentors who impressed upon me (more like forced actually) the importance of this tool. And despite all their coaching and encouragement, blogging still made me feel as uncomfortable as a cow on AstroTurf. With that being said, I’m determined to take our latest severe weather event as a sign and get over my inhibitions. After all, if I’m not intimidated by 82 mph winds, why should I let the likes of blogging scare the bejesus out of me? So keep your hands on your hats because here we go.

Risk is a story of the courage and betrayal that we all confront on the journey to self-discovery. I mean, have you ever chosen a path in a moment of desperation and then realized you will be forced to live with the consequences of that split-second decision for the rest of your life? My characters Jack, Rex and Tana find themselves in this very predicament.

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