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Just the Facts


picture compliments of CartoonStock.com This past Saturday I spent the day at the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators Conference (SCBWI) honing my writing skills and pitching my second book. (A young adult novel called “Spirit Dance”.) During the workshop portion…

Star Light, Star Bright


picture compliments of EarthSky.org Tonight: If you have binoculars check out the “earthshine” the darkened, shadowy side of the crescent moon. The hazy glow is actually caused by light reflected from the earth. (Good to know our bright city lights are enhancing…

Northern Lights Tracker-Russia


picture compliments of Rolf Hicker   The sun has a heartbeat and it pulses strongly every eleven years. Since 2013-20124 are considered to be the window for the next “big-beat” consider the extrodinary aurora activity this year just as heavy palputations.

Northern Lights Tracker-Michigan


Picture courtesy of Google Images Geomagnetic storms are caused by the solar wind (a stream of high energy, high temperature particles that move so fast they can escape the sun’s gravitational pull) This pulse of electrons and protons interacts with the earth’s…

Northern Lights Tracker-Alaska


picture courtesy of Google Images The Cree Indians called the painted sky the “Dance of the Spirits”. Some North American Inuit intrepret the weaving ribbons as football players and claim the spirts of the dead are playing ball with the head of a walrus….

Northern Lights Tracker-Finland


picture courtesy of Google images The physics phenomen that takes place 50 to 200 miles (264,000-1.056 million feet-Yish!) above the earth is named after the Roman goddess of dawn Aurora and the Greek name for north wind, Boreas.

Northern Lights Tracker-North America


Picture compliments of Google  The geomagnetic pole is now over northeastern greenland. All you “aurora chasers” pack up your families. Road Trip.

The Name Game


I walked into the holiday celebration and surveyed the room filled with a hundred guests. Fifty employees and their spouses. One hundred names to remember. I straightened my dress and smiled. No problem.   People always tag me as a hyper-extrovert born…

Holiday Rush


In through your nose, out through your mouth. Call AAA.