Lost in Translation

English interpretation of a French lunch menu.


Under appetizers:


Caviar frog leg emulsion, praline bomb finish. (580 euros)


*Note to self: If you’re going to bombed, may as well be a sugary praline.


*DOD’s new secret weapon: “The Sugar Bomb”.


*CNN report from Afghanistan: The Taliban army surrendered to UN forces unable to fire weapons due to shaky trigger fingers. After three days of “Sugar bombing” the ruthless army was addicted. They gave up their cause for a life time supply of Lemon Heads. The UN no longer considers the militant group a threat. Diabetes is sited as a peaceful watch dog.


*Final thought: Fortunately, the Army Corps of Engineers rejected the recommendation to convert surveillance drones to spray frog emulsion. The war would certainly continue. No one gets addicted to frog legs.


E.L. Chappel author of Risk

Working the backdoor towards world peace

aka The Glamorous Wife

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