Entomologists in a highly coveted PHD program discovered pheromones to repel beetles from weak trees. (Pine beetle be gone forever.) Normally the tiny bugs send out a “feel good” pheromone to attract other beetles. The synthetic anti-pheromone, however, sends out an opposite review. Move along, this tree wasn’t worth a Zagat rating.


A top scientist at the secret research facility accidentally spilled the baseline “warm fuzzy” pheromone on himself before leaving work to go to his kid’s baseball game.  


Needless to say, he attracted a swarm of beetles. His wife wasn’t pleased. She said she’d cleaned his home bug farm, assisted in experiments and sacrificed endless hours of family time, not to mention many expensive bottles of perfume. But this time he had crossed the line. When the soon to be Nobel Prize nominee claimed no foul, she told him to bug off.


*Note to self: Any chance it works on crabby humans?


E.L. Chappel author of Risk

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