*Note to self:  Never assume everyone else sees things as you do. We all come from different cultures, backgrounds and places on the planet.  In order to get your point across, be clear and specific.

*Words from the universal translator: No need visit to Mars or Venus to discover age, gender, and religion can add to the confusion. Even if you “officially” speak the same language. Practice. Practice. Practice.

*Advice from my ear, nose and throat Doc:  Speaking louder doesn’t improve clarity. (just strains vocal cords and degrades hearing)

*The dog whisperer weighs in: Don’t think you’re a good communicator because your pets always come when you call them. Two things to consider:  one, you feed them. Two, they can’t talk back.

*Lesson from “Toastmasters”:  Think before you speak. In front of an audience or otherwise.


E.L. Chappel author of Risk

Frequently tongue-tied

aka The Glamorous Wife

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