Although designed to save valuable seconds, smart phone predictors often times cause chaos. Be vigilant when choosing names. (especially for children) 

 A friend of mine has an acquaintance name “Ducker” but every time she keys her iPhone, the predictor changes it to “Fucker” (It’s probably the same for “Tucker” or “trucker”. Regardless, pretty massive misstep, don’t you think?)

 Not nearly as insulting, however confusing, is “Np!” always gets changed to  “No!” (Passive aggressive little bugger)

 *Note to self:  Turn off your predictor and take a few extra seconds to write in your own words. (Not to mention, save an awful lot of hurt feelings and miscommunications.)

 E.L. Chappel author of Risk

Still working to close the communication gap

aka The Glamorous Wife

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