Duct Tape Glam

Like most jobs, flying taught me many practical things. Flying for years with Vietnam veterans, however, equipped me with skills I fall back on just about everyday. The Huey helicopter turned jet jocks always said when all else fails grab the thousand-mile-an-hour tape.


Practical uses for duct tape: (of the non-flying variety of course)


High heel repair (unless you happen to carry resin and fabric in your bag, i.e. a carbon fiber quick-mix kit)

Waxing/hair removal (Lip and legs–definitely. Bikini–not so much.)

Hem repair (or shorten pants, skirts, dresses on the fly)

Hold a plunging neckline in place (Caution: when tearing the tape off, the glue rips a heck of a skin burn.)


Strap repair

Lint remover

Panty hose run repair (in a non-exposed spot) 



Name tag (with a sharpie no doubt)

Eye glass reinforcement/repair


Dip stick (go ahead, roll it up because I know how desperate you all are to know the exact oil level in your car at a moments notice) 

Mount a handheld GPS

Conversation deterrent (even if you can’t slap the silver silencer across someone’s lips, its nice to think about it. (Ok, I know, stop watching cartoons.)

Gum remover

Air leak plug (Although I said no flying references, my personal experience is duct tape works in a jam on door seal leaks at least as well as crazy glue.)

Anti-skid pads for shoes

Luggage strap


E.L. Chappel author of Risk/Spirit Dance

On ready alert

aka The Glamorous wife

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