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Jennifer Donnelly

Pages: 468

Genre: Historical Novel: Features both real and fictional people. (Check out the acknowledgments in the back-actors, historians and musicians were consulted to make the story authentic.)

Age: 14 and up (If your kids read up, just be aware there are sections about recreational drugs, alcohol and anti-depressants.)

Written in: First person, present

Favorite parts:  A beatnik rave for starving musicians at a place called “the beach” even though it’s located deep down in the catacombs of Paris.

*Okay one more: Her loyal American friend Vijay who us on perpetual cellular hold with Kabul, Afghanistan trying to get president Karzai to comment on his high school thesis.(After all, he wants to get into Harvard.)

Favorite line(s):  “I look away from the folder-it can’t be good-and watch Breezie as she bustles about. She looks like hobbit-short and shaggy. She wears Birkenstocks no matter what time if year it is and purple menopausal clothes. She turns unexpectedly and sees me watching so I look around the room. There are vases on the window sill, hanging planters dangling from the ceiling, bowls on the sideboards-all glazed in various shades of mud.”

Summary: A teenage girl and her family suffer a tragic loss. One so devastating, in fact, her mother is voluntarily checked into a mental facility. Now forced to travel with her absent father, Andi finds herself roaming the streets of Paris. Desperate to get back home to her mom, friends and to her tormented existence, she strikes a deal with her dad. If she finishes a detailed thesis outline by the end of the week he’ll send her back to the states. Simple enough, except for one small detail. She hasn’t even begun the research. But Before Andi has a chance to trek to the archives, her host gives her an old guitar case where she finds an ancient journal that leads her on a journey back that oddly mimics her own life’s path.

Many thanks to Krista Marino-Executive Editor at Delacorte/Random House. The novel was a delightful adventure, just as you promised.

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