Survival Under Attack

Amazing how many of these cold war tips still apply to everyday life:
Always put first things first-Never second or third.

1. Try to get shielded or carry a shield- To deflect FOD. (Flying object damage: hail, sneeze spray, space debris, and random acts of nonsense.) After all, I live in tornado alley.

2. Drop flat on the ground or the floor- If on fire, for a quick cross fit work-out or if you really need a place to hide.

3. Bury face in your arms: From frustration, disgust or if you’re bored out of your mind.

Never, ever, lose your head- Like I always say, helmet on, tighten the strap.

4. Don’t rush- I have a broken toe as evidence of this one.

5. Don’t take chances with food or water in open containers- Sounds oddly similar to programming from my mother.

6. Don’t start rumors- Imagine that. Even in the 50’s, gossip was sac-religious.

E.L. Chappel author of Risk/Spirit Dance
Still feeling the affects of the Titian II silo visit
aka The Glamorous Wife

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