Quote of the week…


“I’m worried Doc. Anytime I go to turn off coverage of the Olympics, my cat complains, meows non-stop until I change the channel back to NBC. Twenty-four seven, he’s glued to the tube. But that’s just the beginning. During the commercials, he springs from the couch, hot laps the first floor, tackles the area rugs, does twenty or so burpies, sprints up two flights of stairs, and then throws his paws in the air like Rocky Balboa.”


The vet shrugs, puts her hand consolingly on his shoulder and says in her best librarian voice, “I realize it’s tuff, but sometimes you just have to let go.”


Quote from the office of Feline Specialties, a concerned cat parent, panicked his otherwise sedentary feline is going to leave home to train for the 2016 summer games.


“Sprinters take your mark..get set…go Tippie go.”

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