Dear Amelia Earhart

June 1986

Dear Ms. Earhart,

I’m about to have the best day. My mom has an acquaintance at her work, and guess what? She’s a pilot! (Her day job is a veterinarian—less exciting if you ask me—but she flies on weekends.) Anyway, she has volunteered to take me up in her small plane. A single-engine, low wing plane that can carry four people. Mom said that her boss, the head vet at work, has been flying for years and would love to introduce me to small airplanes. Dr. Vet-Pilot even said that if I wanted, she’d let me handle the controls once we’re up in the air. I’m so stoked! In celebration of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, my mother said we could stop for ice cream before she drops me off at the airport. Pink bubble gum is my favorite. Maybe I’ll even get two scoops. Double score! Well, I have to run if we are going to have enough time to go to 31 Flavors before it’s time to fly.

I sure wish you were here.


A girl about to split skin.

p.s. What’s your favorite ice cream?

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