Notes To My Younger Self

People’s actions will hurt you if you let them. In my experience, the most unkind acts come from the most unhappy hearts. When you find yourself in this situation— willingly or unwillingly—try to think of that heart like it has the flu. Not just a 24-hour virus or a week long superbug that will pass, but a heart in a perpetual state of pain, unease, and dissatisfaction, longing for an outlet to release the discomfort and feel better. So if you find yourself on the receiving end of one of those releases, do your best to remember the pain isn’t directed at you. It’s a vehicle to vent pent up suffering so the sad heart can get some relief, even if just for a moment. Knowing these acts aren’t about you, you have a choice. You can let them in and injure your own heart or keep them at arm’s length, where they belong.

E.L. Chappel author of Spirit Dance/Storm Makers/Coming very soon: The Surge

Understanding leads to compassion, compassion brings peace. The greatest treasure in the universe.

aka The Glamorous Wife

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