Notes To My Younger Self:


You are an alpha introvert. Which means, without courage, many things you think and feel will never leave your head if you let them. Don’t. Know that relationships are challenging and other’s actions can be confusing. Without the gumption to express your thoughts and feelings, not only will you miss the chance to really know people, but they will also never have the opportunity to know you, your heart.

This will be hard. And scary. You’ll be afraid that some people won’t be open to hearing what you have to say. Won’t listen to your point of view. Won’t be able to respect your feelings. The truth is, some won’t. Do it anyway. Because building the courage to speak what’s on your mind and in your heart is of the upmost importance. Not for others, for you. So call that family meeting. Schedule that cup of coffee. Have that hard conversation that you’ve been avoiding out of fear of pushback, indifference, loss, abandonment, shame, rejection. Regardless of the results, bask in the accomplishment and freedom of knowing you spoke your truth and revealed who you are.

E.L. Chappel author of Spirit Dance/Storm Makers/Coming very soon: The Surge

“Truth, like surgery, might hurt but it cures.”~Han Suyin

aka The Glamorous Wife.

“Today, I’m going to use my inventory to help me find a better way to live.”~Today A Better Way


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