Notes To My Younger Self:

photo credit: Melissa Jensen

This upcoming week officially kicks off the holidays. As always, you will pause and consider what this season of gratitude means to you. A simple enough question and, if asked, you could likely come up with a long list of things and people you’re grateful for. This year—the Covid year—will present a unique opportunity if you choose to accept it. This unprecedented year offers the opportunity to consider what celebrating gratitude really means to you. Not what it means to others, not how you’ve celebrated in the past through your own or you family’s traditions and rituals. This year spend some time and think about how, with the whole world basically circling in a holding pattern, will you show your humble and heartfelt gratitude? Gratitude for your wellness. Gratitude for the strength and ability to get up and move. Gratitude for bright skies, stunning landscapes, slower days with the luxury of time to be still, quiet, rest and reflect. Thankfulness for the people you choose to surround yourself with; their health, peace and happiness. Heat to warm your home on cold nights. Abundance of food and drink to enjoy as you gather around any-sized table. The means and opportunity to drive-by and see the faces of loved ones, who are choosing to celebrate in a way that takes care of them. The endless and forever flowing river of creativity that graces you every day. This year ask yourself how you want to honor and show gratitude for these humbling and unmeasurable gifts.

E.L. Chappel author of Spirit Dance/Storm Makers/Coming very soon: The Surge

The act of  gratitude can be fulfilling and energizing and fun! Yes fun.  Be sure whatever you’re doing to be thankful and grateful includes tons of fun.

aka The Glamorous Wife

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