Notes To My Younger Self:

Attributes of Arrogance: “Bigging yourself up publicly or in your own mind.”

When asked if you can do it, you always say yes. 

Interrupt others a lot.

Go out of your way—even to extremes—to be right.

Believe you are better than others in looks, intelligence, status. 

You feel like you deserve special treatment or being treated better, quicker, or before others.

You believe status is more important than the contribution.

You question everyone’s ability to get a task done.  

You detest people who show signs of being fallible. (Making mistakes or being erroneous.)

You resent or despise people who back away from taking responsibility and taking charge of situations.

You have a hard time or see no value in self-reflection.

You love for the attention to be on you. Love people to talk about you. Are uncomfortable when conversation is centered around others and their achievements. 

You want people to agree with you.

You perceive people you don’t like as enemies or threats. (Your blood boils when you hear their name.)

Don’t like people who aren’t like you.

You are willing to sacrifice relationships for the sake of success and self-gratification.

You shield any inferiority you feel with a superiority complex. Act superior than others when you feel inferior. 

Show false charm to get something from others or draw attention to yourself.

You tend to make undue claims in an overbearing manner. (Which makes you feel and appear very important.)

Manipulate other’s perceptions of you to appear flawless, to avoid drawing attention from ordinary imperfections.

E.L. Chappel author of Spirit Dance/Storm Makers/Coming very soon: The Surge

Who knew.

aka The Glamorous Wife

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