Notes to My Younger Self:

Notes To My Younger Self:

Be on the lookout for people who’ve mastered the art of communication. People who listen as much as they speak. People who ask pointed questions versus making assumptions. Conversationalists who make good eye contact and display open and receptive body language. People who restrain from interrupting, and remember details from prior conversations. Communicators who refrain from gossip and respectfully curtail others from highjacking conversation. People who offer thoughtful and encouraging feedback to what has been said. 

E.L. Chappel author of Spirit Dance/Storm Makers/Coming very soon: The Surge

Introvert, extrovert, recluse— regardless of how you categorize your communication style, if you want to be heard, valued, cherished, connected you will need to continue to build your communication muscle. 

aka A woman with a purpose

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