Notes To My Younger Self:

Notes To My Younger Self:

Standard phraseology: a specialized language used by pilots and controllers to conduct unambiguous and effective communications.

From the cockpit at 3000 feet above the ground (AGL):

Air Traffic Control (ATC): “Falcon November 1 Charlie (N1C), turn right to heading 030 (degrees), descend and maintain two thousand six hundred feet.”

Pilot aircraft #1: “Roger, Falcon 1C, leaving 3000 (current position) feet for 2600 feet, right turn to 030.”

ATC: “Falcon 1C…” (transmission is talked over by another aircraft.)

Second aircraft: “Tower, this is November 988T (Tango), checking in at 4000 feet.”

Pilot aircraft #1: “Tower, can you say again for Falcon 1C, you were stepped on by another aircraft.”

ATC: “All aircraft stand by one. Calling Falcon 1C…1C you are cleared for the ILS 31C. (Instrument approach) Number One for the runway. Cleared to land.”

Pilot aircraft #1: “Falcon 1C is cleared for the ILS 31C. Cleared to land.”

ATC: “Other aircraft calling tower, say again…” 

E.L. Chappel author of Spirit Dance/Storm Makers/Coming very soon: The Surge

Speak, listen, verify you understand what’s being communicated.

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